Make Money With Forum Posting & eBay Partner Network

Simple Formula:

  1. Compare popular product with cheaper alternative
  2. Share on forum(or where the audience is)
  3. Link to eBay Search Results with affiliate link

Recommended Outsourcing Websites

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Money Making Forum Post

PRODUCT NAME costs far too much and I ordered one just now for $XX including shipping.
Here you can find several similar(Ebay): Aff Link to Ebay Search Results

Cost of product: $ X.XX
Shipping: $ XX.XX

Much cheaper than PRODUCT NAME and the product has received good reviews.

I recommend to look around before making a purchase, it pays off.


Job Posting for Outsourcing

This job is for 200 posts with a chance to a full time job.

I need a person with good English skills that can do forum posting and participate in a community like an authentic forum user. Forum posting is very simple but demands attention.

I will give you access to a forum account and you will build that profile with topic related posts and not any “great post” statements hey must at least be a sentence and relevant to the topic.

When you apply for this job, begin with the sentence: I have read your full description.

This way I know you have read the description.



Follow Up to Candidate for the Job


Before I can hire you, I have a couple of questions.

1. On average(approximately), how many posts per hour do you write?

2. I would like for you to write a few trial posts for me, is that fine with you?

I will need 200 posts so that I can see if you can perform the job to my standards.

If everything works out fine I might hire you full time.



Recommended Outsourcing Websites

  • : One of the big players and works great from what I’ve experienced.
  • : Find qualified Filipino workers who have skills you need.
Now I want you to let me know if you’ve got any questions below:

Innovation is Saying No to 1,000 Things – Focus Like a Winner

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying “no” to 1,000 things.

Steve Jobs

There’s no doubt that Steve Job’s knew what he was talking about. When Steve got back to Apple he removed almost 300 products from Apple’s range of products, just to focus on the 10 that fit his vision.

Not saying no to 10′s or 100′s of good(and bad) ideas, is a very common problem.  Information overload is almost like a plague for many Internet marketers. It’s so easy to get distracted.

Personally, I try to always remember Steve’s message when making a decision on where to go next. Pick Carefully as Steve Jobs said!

Staying Focused & Organized is the solution to many problems … a quite boring and not so sexy truth … but crucial!

It does mean the difference between failure and success, I have absolutely no doubt about that.

I’ve managed to leave many of these problems(and related) behind me, to become a more productive & organized  human being, well … most often anyway. If you find yourself disorganized with little or no focus, I suggest you do something about it immediately because it will change your life for sure.

Taking a step back is the best thing, sometimes we need distance to whatever it is we’re doing to be able to see clearly again. Have a clearly defined goal.

Education & Learning …

Reading & learning is good, and information is necessary, but in the end we all have to produce something, in one way or another. If we don’t, no money can be made, no monetary transaction can take place because nothing is being sold. Somehow something must be produced and sold.

Information can distract us from getting work done, causing procrastination and   even induce another productivity inhibitor the one we all know as perfectionism.

But, information consumed right, from a good and trusted source, with moderation,  and when suitable applied to a work of one’s one … it’s often great!

Getting Things Done is All that Matters …

I would like to give a real example of  how I work today, compared to before.

The other day I purchased & implemented a WSO, nothing strange with that, I do it all the time.

With my my old mindset, being disorganized and unfocused, I would probably have spent at least the entire day implementing this WSO, for several reasons, some of them here below.

  • Procrastinating & being a just a little to lazy.
  • Making unbalanced and bad decisions, not valuing my precious time.
  • Believing I’ve found the holy grail and never have to adapt or use any other strategy again … Ever!
  • Sitting around waiting for results, watching statistics etc …

.. can’t really say my focus was on getting things done.

Fortunately, I’ve stopped behaving this way(to a large enough extent anyway, nobody’s perfect) and if you’re doing it … don’t.

I implemented this WSO in 25 minutes, much faster than I thought I would, but by taking time into consideration, the speed  of work is increasing naturally. Instead of trying to implement the perfect campaign, I make compromises where time & money are the 2 most important factors.

Step by Step Actions that I Took

  1. Made a quick overview read the of the WSO PDF to decide if this was for me or not(… this time it was).
  2. Added New Project in my Time Recording Sheet
  3. Added New Project in Bookkeeping Sheet
  4. Implemented the necessary steps enabling an evaluation of the method.
  5. Added the exact number of dollars spent on this project to the Bookkeeping Sheet.
  6. Added the exact number of time spent on this project to the Time Recording Sheet.
  7. Added a Google Calendar note reminding me to check back on the results.
  8. Moved on to the next task in my TODO list …

That’s it ….

One of the reasons I was able to implement this WSO fast, was that I could reuse some things I needed from another project, Awesome!


Crucial Decisions Involved that Saves Hours & Sometimes Days

Deciding if to Implement fast(not always a Yes) :

  1. Know what steps are involved.
  2. Estimate time.
  3. If decision is not to implement, move on quickly.

Project Start Routines that Signal: Here we go, let’s focus:

  1. Add project to Time Recording Sheet(or whatever is used for time recording).
  2. Add Project to Bookkeeping Sheet(or whatever is used for bookkeeping).

Implementation(don’t over analyze):

  1. Get your hands dirty, Just Do It!
  2. If you outsource the implementation: Write a really good work description and hire some competent people.
  3. Be very aware of the time & money you’re spending, keep track!

Project End Routines that SignalHere we stop, let’s focus on the next thing:

  1. This could of course be phase 1 that’s ending, e.g enough for evaluation.
  2. I almost always end with setting up a Google Calendar Notice, it’s my way of mentally letting the project go until Google Calendar notifies me to check into it again.

Important: Follow these 4 Invaluable Tips Below!

4 Focus Tips that Will Instantly Improve your Online Business

  1. Have good routines for the boring tasks, like time recording and bookkeeping. This way these boring, but important tasks doesn’t distract you when working on the money making activities.
  2. Remove unnecessary & unprofitable components that disturb, cost money and possibly ruin your business (Don’t be to sentimental)
  3. Have a clearly defined goal, know what the goal is & remember this goal in every move you make.
  4. Have a well defined business model. Don’t step outside of it to much or to often


I almost forgot … the WSO I implemented does actually produce results!

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place – Are You Organized for Success?

I would like to talk about being organized and the importance of having good routines when running a business.

Even though this is by many considered a very boring part of business, it’s crucial and has to be the foundation for any working business.


A place for everything and everything in its place.–Mrs. Beeton (The Book of Household Management, 1861)


When I first started out doing business online(it was more play than business), I had no structure and no routines for keeping track of either time or money, so I really didn’t know how much I spent on products or projects.

Not that it mattered to much, because I wasn’t making a dime and as long as it’s a hobby it’s acceptable. However, sooner or later the efforts put into the online marketing has to pay off, and just playing around is rarely a winning concept in any business.

Before I got really organized, I always felt like an amateur that had little clue of what I was doing, and the results was just that … amateurish i.e.

Being organized was my missing link … is it yours to??

Making good profit is not easy for most people … a business person has to be very efficient, focused, tough and definitely in control of the figures.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the TV show Dragons’ Den, in which aspiring entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hopes of securing business financing.

One thing that all the venture capitalists have in common, is that they immediately dismiss any aspiring entrepreneur that doesn’t know the figures well enough in their business, and they usually end up leaving empty handed.

Knowing the figures is a must, still many people don’t!

I do believe, especially in the Internet marketing industry, many people have huge problems with primarily time & money management, and staying in control of them both. The funny thing is, that it doesn’t take much more than a spreadsheet and a little discipline to get it working.

The Simplest Alternative is Sometimes the Best – at Least That’s What I Think
I remember, I was hoping to find a system that could automate and aggregate dollars spent/earned and at the same time had integrated time management functionality, but I couldn’t find any that would satisfy my needs.

I found no tool that could keep track of the numbers the way I wanted to and that frustrated me.

When there isn’t a 100% fully functional technical solution to a problem, I tend to go back to the basics and perform the tasks manually. This is of course a matter of taste but if a solution doesn’t fill all my needs, it’s very often more hassle than it’s worth to use it … according to my experience anyway.

Do you recognise this problem?

I use 3 Spreadsheets to document my activities.

  1. Time Recording
  2. Money Transactions
  3. Workout(yes … for the body)

and that’s enough. I have used other documents before, but I really like my current ones(download below).

I believe in keeping it simple, we’re all different and while some prefer high tech solutions integrated with one another, I think some manual work keeps me disciplined and on my toes.

About the workout document: I workout every day, well at least every working day . If you haven’t tried that out before I suggest you do, and the funny thing about workout is that exactly like in business … it’s the small things performed every day that gives result in the long run.

Time Recording and Money Transaction Spreadsheet
These 2 are pretty much the same, here’s a short description on how to use them.

  • The Overview Sheet: Sums up all the money/time on all the other sheets. Starting at the cell D5 and downwards.
  • The General Sheet: Is for money/time that you can’t tie to a specific project.
  • The Project Sheet(s): Every sheet after the General and before the “DummyEnd” sheet are different projects, there’s no limit to how many project sheets one can have. If a new project is needed, just copy another project sheet and name the sheet to project name and start to track time/money.

I like these documents, because it’s easy to create new projects and keep track of numbers by adding tasks within a project.

Download Spreadsheets Here

Step by Step:

  1. Decide on a New project
  2. Add new Project to Time & Bookkeeping Sheets
  3. Implement Project
  4. Record Time Spent on this Project during implementation
  5. Record $$$ Spent on this Project during implementation


If these spreadsheet templates doesn’t suite your needs, Microsoft Excel has many ready made templates for different purposes that might work for you.

More Tools & Services to Help You Get Organized

  • : Online bookkeeping, No more spreadsheets and piles of paper everywhere.
  • : All your stuff in one place.

Now I’m going to open my Time Recording Sheet and put in 1 Hour on completing this post … what are you going to do?


Top 5 Most Influential and Helpful Internet Marketing Blogs

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Over the years I’ve been reading many Internet Marketing blogs, a few of them has made a more lasting impression than others. In this post I would like to present the 5 that has made the biggest impact on my Internet Marketing and consequently on my life as a whole.

Even though I’m not a prominent person in the Internet Marketing arena myself, I’ve been inspired by these 5 Internet Marketing blogs for quite some time and been fortunate to have success with much of the information they have shared.

Pat FlynnSmart Passive Income

Amazing: Pat Made a staggering $203,219.04 in his first year online according to an article published on, Quite impressive to say the least.

Inspirational: Pat also publish Monthly Income Reports, I don’t think anything online motivates me as much as seeing the nice figures on Pat’s Income Reports. Pat is a true talent and his professionalism is an inspiration to his followers. I’m a proud frequent visitor of his blog and Facebook page.

Never to late: So if you haven’t discovered the Smart Passive Income Blog it’s never to late to pay this high quality information source a visit. Visit Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income Blog




Quote from Darren: In 2002 I stumbled upon an article about Blogging. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life.

The rest is history: Today Darren’s blog is one of the most visited (probably even No.1) Internet marketing blogs on the planet currently at 2,756 on the Alexa ranking. You sure have a lot of visitors Darren.


Pay Darren a visit: Highly recommended: PROBLOGGER and don’t forget to follow Darren on Facebook as well: Darren on Facebook



Yaro StarakEntrepreneurs Journey

About: Yaro Starak is the founder of  Yaro has created, and sold several different Internet businesses since way back in 1998.

Many authors: Today several authors contribute to the content of Entrepreneurs Journey,  but when I found Entrepreneurs Journey back in 2006 Yaro still wrote all his posts by himself, at least that’s how I remember it. There’s a lot of high quality content that any aspiring blogger or marketer can find helpful, from novice to the more seasoned veteran. 

Visit Yaro on Facebook: Yaro on Facebook



SEOmozSEO moz Blog

About:  SEOmoz was founded in 2004 and  today SEOmoz develops SEO software, but also has a blog that I find myself often to visit

The SEO blog to read: I think this is one of the absolute best resources when it comes to SEO and I trust the information that comes comes from SEOmoz, that’s really important. 

Visit SEOmoz on Facebook: SEOmoz on Facebook




About: Copyblogger was founded in January of 2006 by Brian Clark. Brian is CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney.

Media: Over the years, we’ve been fortunate that people say a lot of nice things about Copyblogger and Brian: Advertising Age ranks Copyblogger as a top marketing blog in its Power150 list, The Guardian named Copyblogger one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs and Brian Clark was ranked #3 of the 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009.

Now that’s impressive, don’t you think?

Visit copyblogger on Facebook: copyblogger on Facebook



These are the blogs that have made the biggest impact on my business and that I trust the most, if you decide to try some of these blogs out or maybe you’re a frequent visitor on some of them, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Plus, I would really appreciate it if you could share this post. If possible, please share on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. I would be incredibly grateful for any help you can give spreading the word.