August 22, 2018

Sound Decoders That Give Realistic Experiences

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dcc sound decoders

Call this then a struggle note. As the saying still goes in some parts of the world. Aluta continua. Let or may the struggle continue. But what a load of hogwash this turns out to be. Why should hobbyists like you always struggle? But for many of you, it just could not be helped. And it was always ironic. Because the more enthusiasm you showed for your fantastic hobby, the more it seemed that you were running into a dead end.

Part of the characterization of the ambitious hobbyist is to always strive for perfection. That is you, right? Not quite as you take a look at the table in your spare room, or glance up into the sky all crestfallen like. Clitter clatter, rickety ruck. What an awful sound that is! W-brr-reaou! Oh my! Now that doesn’t even sound like an airplane. And who the heck wants to catch this train?! It’s like not even real!

Okay, guys, that’s enough sorrow for one modelling lifetime. Previously, many of you struggled to find the parts and components that were going to help you create as much realism for your hobby as possible. And it’s also been the same for guys who used to like to head off to their nearby lakes and ponds for some model boating. The trains are good and the boats are real enough too. That’s because you’ve now attached dcc sound decoders to your command station.

Guys, command being the operative word here. Because now you can relax a bit more now that you’ve achieved the realistic sound effects. And, of course, you’re now allowed to focus more on your craft and place yourself in a position to be fully in command of your train station or the skies up above.